How It Works

Easy Sign Up

Select Atome as your payment method and have your debit or credit card ready. You must be 18 or older and meet additional eligibility criteria to qualify.

Instant Approval & Shipment

You’ll receive an instant approval decision (in other words: no long forms to fill out!). Then your order will ship ASAP.

Nothing Extra To Pay

Atome will break up your payment into three equal installments, and payments will be taken automatically every 4 weeks. There’s zero interest and no additional fees when you pay on time!

About Your Atome Account…

Once your order is processed and approved, you can log into your Atome account to view your orders, make payments and manage all your account details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Atome is a service that allows our customers to make purchases now and pay for them later. Payments are broken up into three equal installments, and are made every 4 weeks without any interest.

At checkout, choose Atome as your payment method. You’ll be directed to the Atome website, where you’ll register and provide payment details (Visa or Mastercard only). If you’ve already used Atome, just log into your Atome account. Then complete your order—it’s seriously that simple!

Atome is only available to customers with a Malaysia/Singapore address. Customers with international billing addresses cannot create an Atome account at this time.

All Atome customers are required to make their first payment at the time of purchase. The remaining two payments are deducted automatically from your selected payment method every four weeks in equal installments. If you’d like to make additional unscheduled payments before they’re due, just log into your Atome account to make an early payment.

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