It All Started In The
Summer of 2019

when a lost graduate —Chris—took a college graduation trip down to Amsterdam, Netherlands. Between the stunning sunsets, cool towns and awesome people, it didn’t take long for Chris to notice and fall in love with the irresistible Miffy plushies.

One Day

after returned from the trip

he came across a town in Kuala Lumpur, he saw a pair of parents were trying to find a good gift for their kids. Sadly, they were struggling to find a meaningful yet presentable gifts for the kids. Desperate to find some way to help, Chris bought gifts for the kids to take home with them. And that’s when the fun really began...

Back in Kuala Lumpur

put the gift sets on display on a local website, selling out completely within just a few days. And it hit him: These pieces were more than just simple gifts. They were a movement that celebrated the meaning in life—Hence, Chris named the brand as "Cadeaus", simple as "Gift" or “Cadeau,” as French would call it. “Cadeaus” is more than just a saying. It’s a meaning of life. One that’s all about enjoying life’s little pleasures, slowing things down and living life to the fullest.

To spread the
"Cadeaus" Spirit

Chris teamed up with Miffy, to provide handcrafted soft toys in endless color combinations—each one as unique as the person owns it. What started out as selling just a few plushies a week has grown into a worldwide movement with hundreds of thousands of plushies sold each year.

Was Given A Chance

to spread the “Cadeaus” message globally through responsibly made products that inspire positivity and love. We’re always striving to do more and are constantly on the lookout for more people that can benefit from Cadeaus.